At 1st Capital, we are very committed to the broker community.
1st Capital has supported factoring brokers since we first began. 1st Capital works closely with, and protects, every factoring broker, intermediary and referral source. We believe that our brokers and representatives are critically important, considering them integral parts of our factoring business team. An experienced factoring consultant will appreciate 1st Capital's professional demeanor, extensive know-how, and ability to execute
transactions quickly and efficiently. A new factoring broker will thrive by marketing the factoring programs developed by 1st Capital. In fact, we are so committed to the broker community, we have developed a sister company with the mission of teaching and training new commercial finance brokers.
How you will benefit from a brokering relationship with 1st Capital:

Aggressive Advance Rates

We provide up to 80% for most clients.

Quickest Response Time

We move faster than our competition to meet all factoring broker and client needs.

Ease of Approval

Our underwriting staff is experienced and efficient and our streamlined process easily turns your prospects into clients.

In-house Team

With our in-house team of professionals you and your clients will always be able to speak with a decision-maker.

The Industry's MOST Competitive Commission Rates

We pay our factoring brokers the industry's most competitive commissions. In addition, we honor all success fees due by your client.

Focus on Small and Medium-sized Businesses

We fund accounts that have between $50,000 and $10,000,000 in receivables, providing flexibility for you, the factoring broker and your clients.

Custom Tailored Deal Structure

We will structure all transactions to meet a wide range of special circumstances.

Protect Your Relationships

We will protect your client relationships and other referral sources.

Ability to Expand Product Offerings

Through our affiliate we can offer your clients a variety of financial products to fit their needs.

Extensive Training

We have a complete training program through our sister company. They will teach you everything from the factoring business basics to the more sophisticated nuances of accounts receivable financing.