Welcome to 1st Capital Corporation
Too often good businesses and emerging businesses are overlooked and denied financing by traditional lenders because the lenders are not suited or experienced enough to handle clients with special needs (including issues such as: tax resolution, excessive debt, credit issues, customer concentration issues, and insufficient working capital issues). 1st Capital is a varied commercial lender who understands the mentality, needs, challenges and spirit of the entrepreneur.

1st Capital Corporation is your single source for all working capital and cash flow needs. If your business doesn't fit our specific lending criteria, we will introduce you to one of our associate lenders, private or public money partners, financiers or banks that fit for your type of business. Over the past twenty years, 1st Capital has established strategic alliances with commercial lenders, financiers and banks specializing in nearly every industry throughout the nation.
Services We Provide
Accounts Receivable Factoring

1st Capital Corporation provides simple and fast accounts receivable factoring. Our executives have over 30 years of business experience in receivable factoring and have handled over a billion dollars in financial transactions.

Purchase Order Financing and Trade Financing

1st Capital's Purchase Order Financinging program is a unique source of funding for your company. We look beyond the financial strength of your balance sheet; we focus on the strength of your customers and your ability to produce or provide a quality product.

Finance Companies With Special Needs

If your bank has a security interest (UCC Filing) against your accounts receivable, you may still be eligible to factor with 1st Capital.
Factoring companies are often able to fund against your existing accounts receivable and pay off your line of credit at the bank in order to obtain a termination of the bank's UCC financing statement. If you don't have enough eligible receivables, 1st Capital is often able to obtain a consent from your bank to allow you to factor your accounts receivable with 1st Capital, provided you agree that the proceeds are deposited into your bank account at that same bank.

  • We specialize in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Post Petition funding (Debtor in Possession "DIP")
  • In businesses with IRS tax and judgment liens. 1st Capital is experienced in negotiating a favorable tax resolution for its factoring clients. 1st Capital can STOP IRS tax levies within 24 hours once we have been retained
  • Businesses with concentration issues (more than 35% of business with a single customer)
  • Start up businesses (less than one year old)
Other Services 1st Capital Provides
  • Funding for the purchase and sale of a business
  • Assistance in the restructuring of the business debt
  • Arrangements for equipment funding
  • Arranging venture capital. (We offer this service on a very limited basis. We have assisted several businesses with the infusion of significant equity capital into their business.)